Nest thermostat update

We have now been running the Nest for a little over a month and I have to say it is awesome!  Easy to use.  No issues.  The web interface and phone app actually work.  Adding IFTTT to it adds some nice tracking features.

One of the things I really like is how it shows how much energy was used, we can now review it from time to time and if we feel that too much is used we can easily adjust.



I would definitely recommend picking one of these up.  Sure the initial investment is a bit high, but it is well worth it!


New thermostat

We have had a Honeywell programmable thermostat for the past couple of years.  Got a deal on it but it is for Commercial and not Residential.  Kind of a pain to make quick changes or programming changes on.



I’ve been reading about the Nest thermostat for quite some time.  Reviews, install notes, anything I could find.  Finally found an article on a newsletter I get that made the decision for me, decided to use some of our home improvement funds and pick one up.

Having swapped out the thermostat a couple times in the past the install went pretty quickly for me.

Removed the Honeywell from the wall, which was easy since I knew I was going to make a change one day and used Command Strips to mount it.  Labelled the wires using the Nest supplied labels.  Figured it would be good to label just in case I got interrupted by the little man.


After removing the wires from the Honeywell, it was a quick swap into the Nest.


Its nice that the Nest comes with a level built in and the wires are quick connect, no need for a small screwdriver.  They do supply one though.

The thermostat immediately went into an update / reboot cycle.  I got interrupted by the little man during this, I know it rebooted twice.



After the reboot cycle the setup was insanely easy!

  • Setup the wifi connection.  Select a broadcast SSID or enter one, throw the password in, done deal!
  • Go through a few questions about your system.  Including what type of fuel is used, what type of heating, your location (by zip code), what kind of dwelling and where the thermostat is located in the home.

It probably took my a total of 30 minutes to get it setup from start to finish, including the updates.  Much easier to use as it is just like a good old dial thermostat.


After everything was setup I went ahead and set up an online account and registered the thermostat.  The web interface along with the ability to control it via an Android app give you plenty of options on setting the thermostat.

Now to let it learn and see what happens next.

Making progress!


I have been trying to make some headway on our debt for quite some time.  I tried following Dave Ramsey’s method but had a really hard time of living such a “tight-wad” (my wording, not his) life style.

Living paycheck to paycheck is absolutely no fun.  This year I decided I needed to make a dent in the debt we had / have.

  • Motorcycle Loan
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Debt
  • Student Loan

The past couple of years I have done the 52 week challenge in hopes that in 5 years we could take a nice vacation.  Interest rates in a savings account are an absolute joke, I decided it was currently a much better investment to kill some of this debt.  After a ton of debating I went ahead and drained that 52 week challenge money to get rid of the Motorcycle Loan.

I have been direct depositing a set amount of dollars away each paycheck for our mortgage as well.  Well there was enough sitting in there to destroy that Credit Card Debt!



FINALLY!  Some breathing room!!

Now we are just left with some Medical Debt, which I will be getting knocked down as soon as humanly possible.

Once we get the Medical Debt gone I am thinking we will save a little extra and take a long weekend trip somewhere to celebrate.  It is well deserved.  No matter what anyone says, this is a long road of frustration, stress, headaches, indecision, etc…

Then we are just left with the Student Loan.  That is going to take a little bit but with the breathing room we will have from the other stuff gone, I dont think it is going to take as long as I am thinking it will.

Starting over

I keep saying I am going to keep my blog up to date and keep procrastinating.  Well time to hit the reset button and see if I can keep up.


Going to be posting about any randomness that comes to mind; family, photography, tech, comics, toys, travels, paranormal, etc..  Anything I find interesting.