Chronic fatigue……ugh!

Adrenal Health was working wonders for me, until the past few weeks.  I’m not sure what is causing the change.  Stress at work, stress at home, financial stress or something else.  Not 100% sure but I am thinking it is stress related.

I have been spending way more time outside working on some projects, getting fresh air and lots of sunlight.  When I am active doing things outside I don’t feel like I get fatigued.

When I am at work in the office I seem to be visiting that brick wall once again.  The “crash” seems to hold off until I get home but between 5 and 6 I feel like I am ready for a nap.  My eyes get really heavy, yet there is no nap to be had.  I can lay down and try to take a rest but never fall asleep.

Very frustrating!

I’m not really sure what the next step should be.  I really need to come up with something!  Life like this really SUCKS!!