Supplement: Adrenal Health – Week 2

It’s been a little over 2 weeks now since I started taking Adrenal Health.  The effects seem to be fading a bit.


I feel like I am starting to hit that brick wall in the mid-afternoon, my eyelids feel heavy, yawning for no reason, starting to get the groggy feeling back.

Some of this might be coming from  are things that I think I am letting stress me out too much or from other things that are just bothering me.  Maybe smashing my toe this past weekend and it putting a damper in the mix hasn’t helped.  At least that is something that is taking care of itself and the swelling and bruising have been going down.

It could also be coming from the way my body seems to metabolize any kind of medication or supplement.  My body, for some stupid reason, seems to build up tolerances to things very quickly.  Any sort of medication I end up having to have to take a higher dosage of very quickly.  Im not sure about a higher dosage of Adrenal Health, I will have to do some research.

Only time will tell……