Chronic fatigue – Something hard to understand

Plain and simple chronic fatigue sucks.  There are so many things that come along with it… constant lack of energy, foggy brain, weird pains….


one of the hardest to understand, insomnia.  I am asked all the time….if you are tired and run down all the time how the heck can you have insomnia?

You would think if you were tired and rundown nearly every second of the day that sleep would come easily.  Some times it does other times you can end up with major insomnia.  I would say I have insomnia at least twice a week.  I go to bed being absolutely wiped out and figuring sleep would come almost instantly but it doesn’t.  A lot of times my brain just won’t shut down, its kicked into overdrive with thoughts, stress, worry, ideas…


The next day I am completely wiped out.  Mentally exhausted.  Tired.  Sadly need to caffeine up to make it through the day.

I have tried prescribed sleeping medication (which I have heard recently they can shorten your life span) and Melatonin.  Both lead to a temporary “fix”.  Quite often I will fall asleep within a few minutes of taking something, wake up like an hour later feeling like I have slept for hours and then right back to the whole insomnia thing.

I really wish there was an easy fix.  Unfortunately there isn’t one.