Supplement: Adrenal Health – Week 2

It’s been a little over 2 weeks now since I started taking Adrenal Health.  The effects seem to be fading a bit.


I feel like I am starting to hit that brick wall in the mid-afternoon, my eyelids feel heavy, yawning for no reason, starting to get the groggy feeling back.

Some of this might be coming from  are things that I think I am letting stress me out too much or from other things that are just bothering me.  Maybe smashing my toe this past weekend and it putting a damper in the mix hasn’t helped.  At least that is something that is taking care of itself and the swelling and bruising have been going down.

It could also be coming from the way my body seems to metabolize any kind of medication or supplement.  My body, for some stupid reason, seems to build up tolerances to things very quickly.  Any sort of medication I end up having to have to take a higher dosage of very quickly.  Im not sure about a higher dosage of Adrenal Health, I will have to do some research.

Only time will tell……

Supplement: Adrenal Health

I have been dealing with Chronic Fatigue for quite a few years now.  I have been medically tested for what seems like everything under the sun, including low testosterone, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, sleep apnea and more.

I have gone through a laundry list of medications.  Most having zero effect on me.

I have had issues ever since my back problems and surgery.  To add to the existing frustration and limitations from the back issues, my energy levels, mood, headaches and depression just continued to plummet over the past few months.  I was getting super irritable and touchy.  Not a place where I wanted to be.

I was also starting to hit a brick wall at about two in the afternoon.  ZERO drive and ambition.  Absolutely no energy.  My mind, which hasnt been as sharp since what I feel was all the different pain medications and muscle relaxers that I went through during my back issues, was starting to get even foggier.  I basically became a zombie.

After posting something online a friend of mine private messaged me and suggested I give a this Adrenal Health supplement a try.  Sure another “natural” thing that is supposed to work wonders was my immediate thought.

I decided to give it a shot after some further discussion, reading many reviews, thought and realizing its only twenty five bucks wasted if it doesnt work (much cheaper then a doctors appt).


Ive now been taking Adrenal Health at its recommended dose for a little over a week.  I have to say, it actually seems to be helping.

  • My mood has not been terrible like it was.
  • I still have some tiredness but I dont hit that brick wall in the afternoon.  Im usually good up until the time I am ready to go to bed.
  • Havent had a headache in a while.
  • Depression is nowhere near what it was.

I would definitely recommend giving this a try if.  Whats the worst thing that could happen?  You are out a few bucks.

Nest thermostat update

We have now been running the Nest for a little over a month and I have to say it is awesome!  Easy to use.  No issues.  The web interface and phone app actually work.  Adding IFTTT to it adds some nice tracking features.

One of the things I really like is how it shows how much energy was used, we can now review it from time to time and if we feel that too much is used we can easily adjust.



I would definitely recommend picking one of these up.  Sure the initial investment is a bit high, but it is well worth it!