Seems like it has been forever…

…since I clicked the shutter release of my camera.  A few weeks back I had taken pictures of my friends yearly event in Atlanta but it just isn’t the same.  My chronic fatigue threw a wrench in to a lot of things in my life. Going out, wandering, exploring and taking pictures was a huge passion that just seemed to vanish from my life.

Last night lit the fire again!

After seeing pictures on the news and social media of the Northern Lights I HAD to get out and see if I could capture anything.

Decided to head out to one of my favorite spots and see what would happen.  The water was high and fast, not a whole lot of real estate to setup on but we made the best of it.  The sky was loaded with stars, the sound of the river was almost deafening but extremely relaxing and peaceful at the same time.  I REALLY missed this!

Clicking any of the images will open a larger version

DSC_4003Testing things out



DSC_4021Played around with a little light painting.
The flashlight I used was WAY too powerful and that darn branch in the bottom of the frame kept getting in the way.

DSC_4048Changed my view

DSC_4052Once the moon went down, we looked to the West and it looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie


I also played around with an intervalometer and did some time lapse shots.  I definitely didn’t do it long enough.

Next time I will be taking multiple cameras.  One to do some time lapse and the other to just play with.